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10 Quick Tips For Building Your Volunteer Army

It’s been deeply rewarding to see a “culture of volunteerism” develop here at Biltmore Church. Over the last six years, we have watched our weekend attendance double while keeping our staff size the same. The way that has happened is our volunteer base has greatly expanded. We as a staff team are always talking about the Ephesians 4:11-13 model of recruiting, training and motivating our great volunteers. Here are 10 quick tips that help to build and bless them:

  1. Be with your people – discipleship happens in relationships. Recruiting, training, and motivating are both formal and informal. Whether it be in the lobby, at lunches, or Bible study – be with your people. (Note: my pet peeve is pastors who go into the “green room” on Sunday morning. Good grief! Pastors, unless you’re doing 10 services a day, get in the lobby/worship center, etc  with your people!) Rant over:-)
  2. Make training meaningful – help them be successful at their God-called ministry. Relate the training to their mission.
  3. Share the vision continually with passion – “if you want to know the temperature of your organization, put a thermometer in the leader’s mouth.”
  4. Go against your ‘gutat your peril – if your “gut” (i.e. = discernment, Holy Spirit, etc.) is warning you about a person – do not put them on your team.
  5. Your leaders are your best recruiters
  6. Spend more time on the farm team than the free agents(Maxwell?) – promote from within whenever possible.
  7. Make the difficult decisions – the bane of many church ministries is the refusal of the leader / minister to make the difficult decisions. This is especially true when it comes to people who are hurting your organization. Not dealing with difficult situations or people slowly erodes the morale of your team.
  8. Build trust – understand the “speed of trust” and continually build on it. Do what you say, take the blame when things don’t work out, give others credit when they do work out, etc.
  9. Know a person’s background and spiritual maturity before bringing in real close – ‘those closest to the leader will determine the success of the leader.’
  10. Walk closely with God – in ministry, the X factor is your walk. “Above all else, guard your heart, for from it flows the wellspring of life.” A close walk with the Lord gives you the wisdom, patience, teach-ability and perseverance to lead.

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