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5 Reflections on Easter Weekend

1. I’m so grateful to the incredible volunteers who serve. I love watching them love and serve people, most of whom they don’t know personally. Thank you parking lot attendants, greeters, ushers, coffee counter servers, Connect Group volunteers, children’s ministry volunteers, etc.!
“Hospitality is the combination of two words: ‘stranger’ and ‘love.’ Hospitality at its core is the love of strangers…
“Hospitality, when seen in light of the gospel, becomes more than just parking cars and pointing people to the kid’s area. Hospitality is the means by which the church, from the ground level, models the gospel to others. And, by God’s grace, the teams of people investing in hospitality will set the tone for the entire church so that everyone who has experienced the hospitality of God practices hospitality in the church.”
(excerpt from Creature of the Word by Chandler, Patterson, Geiger)

BBC, you served over 11,000 people last weekend!  Thank You!

2. Stories of God @ work in people’s lives NEVER gets old! The stories about repentance and salvation are awesome to hear. (Click here for John Wyman story.)

3. I loved seeing so many baptisms at every campus!

4. Lots of follow up to do this week. Remember, our goal is to make disciples, not just converts.

5. John 21 has got to be one of my absolute favorite chapters in God’s Word. From the way Jesus dealt with Peter with grace and truth, to Peter’s repentance, to the clear example of the difference the empty tomb makes! (Click here for full message.)

Hope you had a great Easter!


  1. Thank you so much for the beautiful message. My cousin who refers to himself as an agnostic attended church with our family on Easter. After your message and the Easter story from my 5 year old granddaughter he sent me a message saying if he were keeping score between the Christians and agnostics the score would be Christians 1 Agnostics 0. Thank you and may God continue to bless all those who are sharing the Word.

  2. What a privilege to serve, thankful I got to be a small part of BIG things God has for His body……the fingers the toes…..we are all needed…..that was one blessed weekend…continued prayer for our church leaders as they and we, follow Jesus….may we always be found faithful in leading the lost to Christ and walking along beside them growing in Christ… heart is full when I reflect on all God is doing…thank you for preaching truth!…nothing more sweeter than to witness a little girl about 4 years old headed across the parking lot with her parents, look you in the face and say “I’m going to church” eyes filled with excitement with what is just inside those doors.

  3. Great message as always. It felt so natural to celebrate our risen Savior with the family of God. Especially my brothers and sister in Christ at Biltmore Baptist.

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