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7 Reflections From Easter at Biltmore Church

As I write this blog post early Wednesday morning, I’ve had a couple of days to reflect on what transpired at Biltmore Church this past weekend. In my almost nine years here, this Easter was personally one of my favorite weekends I’ve experienced at Biltmore Church. Here are seven quick reflections from the weekend.


  • I am SO grateful for our volunteers! Many hundreds of you greeted, parked cars, helped with baptisms, sang, took care of children, etc. for over 11,000 people! (Over 1,600 children.) Great job serving!
  • The introductory video, “Meant to be Final” was amazing leading into O Praise the Name. See video here. Thanks, Devin and CB for your hard work and creativity.
  • Awesome job Campus Pastors and Staff Team. Your love for Jesus, love for people, love for each other, hard work, high integrity, and gospel-focus is deeply motivating and appreciated.
  • Great to see all 5 WNC campuses baptizing multiple people. Life change never gets old!
  • Great job church on inviting people! Way to reach out to people with an invitation to church. I’d love to hear stories of how God worked in people’s lives. Be sure to touch base with them this week to thank them. Also, if you invited someone and they didn’t come, don’t give up. Keep loving, praying, serving.
  • I love how our church continues to get more diverse racially, economically, and culturally. Diversity is not the gospel, but it is a fruit of the gospel.
  • “If Christ did not rise from the dead then why worry about anything that he said? But if Christ did rise from the dead then you must accept everything that he said.” – Tim Keller


Have a great week!



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