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A Few Reflections on Easter weekend at Biltmore

I hope you had a blessed Easter weekend with great memories. Here are 7 brief reflections I have about what God did @ Biltmore.

* I’m so grateful for the BEST VOLUNTEERS in the world! 2,000+ volunteers ministered to 10,000+ people (in spite of spring break and rain:-) by serving in preschool, parking, tech, greeters, etc. – amazing!

*Church, great job on inviting people to Easter!  I heard tons of great stories from guests about how you reached out to them to invite.  Be sure to touch base with them this week to thank them and invite them back this Sunday.

* So grateful to Christ-honoring, people-loving, hard-working staff team. Great job!

* ‘You can’t rejoice in the empty tomb if you haven’t been to the cross.’ This amazing video helped lead us there (great job on video communications team!)

* Love the line in Resurrecting song that goes “The resurrected King is resurrecting me.”

* Awesome to have people being baptized on all five campuses. Life change never gets old!

* Spurgeon: “(Christians) must be the most happy and joyful people to be found anywhere upon the face of the earth.”

* Augustine, considered by many to be the most influential theologian in church history, wrote over 1,600 years ago, “Every man, whatever his condition, desires to be happy.” *

  (*From “Happiness” by Randy Alcorn. Good read but pretty long)

   Click here for Sunday’s message.


  1. Until this year, Easter had never filled my heart. I am so thankful to have found Biltmore Baptist. It’s been almost a year since we joined and our lives have been so blessed. I found happiness in Jesus. I always looked to other things to make me happy. When I found Jesus my life just became happy. There is pure Joy in knowing him and knowing the love he has for me. I haven’t looked to anyone or anything to fill a void in my heart, because that void closed up the moment I accepted Jesus as my saviour. Thank you Biltmore Baptist!!

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