Announcing BeyondSunday.Church

As we kick-off the summer teaching series this Sunday, I’m excited to announce a great web resource we’ve created called beyondsunday.church! This website has great information for kids, students, and adults. It contains a summer reading plan, tons of articles and blogs (subjects include worship, parenting, dating, scripture memory tips, marriage, etc.), recommended reading, sermons, phone backgrounds, and more. It will also be continually updated weekly with new and fresh information.

The Beyond Sunday series and website are based on the principle that Jesus calls us to be disciples, not just converts. The word “disciple” has a rich history and literally, means ‘a learner.’ A disciple in Jesus’ day would spend time with his rabbi so that he could hear what the rabbi taught and see how the rabbi lived. The disciple then tried to emulate that in his own life. Apparently, one of the biggest compliments you could give a disciple was saying “the dust of your rabbi is on you.” Saying this was saying ‘you are starting to look like your rabbi’ or ‘your rabbi is rubbing off on you.’

So when Jesus invites His disciples to “Come, follow Me” – He is inviting them to be a disciple, a follower, a learner. To become like Him. And to become like Him, you have to know Him. To know Him, you have to know His Word. Sunday is important (teaching, worship, fellowship). But if you want “the dust of your rabbi to be all over you” – you are going to have to go #beyondsunday.

Visit BeyondSunday.Church

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