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“Counterfeit God” Test *

This past week we started a teaching series called Better…Replacing empty promises with promises that work. We began the series looking at Exodus 20:1-6. We defined a counterfeit god/idolatry as looking to something to give me what only God has the ability and authority to give me (things like significance, security, purpose, etc.). It’s when sometimes good things become ultimate things. Hear entire message here. Five questions might help you identify your idol that is making you empty promises:

1. What worries you the most?
– i.e. – what one thing could you just absolutely not get along without?
2. Where do you make sacrifices?
– “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
3. Who can you not forgive?
– Often unforgiveness is connected to the fact that someone took from you something you feel you can’t be happy without.
4. Where do you feel most significant?
5. Where do you go for comfort?

* List compiled from several resources, including:
Gods at War by Kyle Idleman
Gospel by J.D. Greear

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