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Definitely More Blessed to… (Ecuador Compassion trip)

It was a joy last week to spend time with leaders of Compassion International in solidifying a partnership with our church. Compassion International is a Christian child sponsorship organization dedicated to the long-term development of children living in poverty around the world. Biltmore’s focus will be on Ecuador with the goal of sponsoring thousands of children as well as planting many churches.

Strategically, there are many things I like about partnering with Compassion International: their quality control, financial accountability and efficiency, unapologetically Christian theology as well as their local church partnerships.

Personally, it was amazing to meet two children Lori and I sponsor: 5 year old Mayte and 7 year old Henry.

IMG_2301Henry praying for me will always be one of my lifelong ministry highlights. The time with them was definitely a reminder of Acts 20:35…. remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how He himself said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” I can’t wait to kick off our partnership with Compassion International soon!


  1. Pastor Bruce, I was specifically asked what we were doing about the 450 homeless children in our area. I know all the things we are doing through our compassion project but didn’t have specifics about the homeless.
    This was a person that we have been praying to join us at church.
    She has been very disappointed in previous church experience.

    1. Ann, please email me more specifics on the 450 children you are referring to at We have continual training for foster care, adoption, support financially and volunteer hours with wcrm, ABCCM, etc… But would need more specifics to your question. Thanks

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