How to Prep for Easter

Easter is coming!  Easter is the most anticipated and attended weekend on the Christian calendar.  I can hardly wait to celebrate the resurrection with the @Biltmore family in one of the 9 services!  (View schedule here).

Here are ways to maximize Easter and get ready for the celebration:

1.   Pray for your church and yourself
Pray for your church leaders
Pray for God to move in power
Pray for open hearts
Pray for Christians to reach out and invite in the coming week
(Ephesians 6:18-20; Ephesians 3:20-21; Exodus 33:18; Matthew 9:38)

2.   Invite someone to go to church with you
Most studies show that almost 75% of people are open to attending a church when invited by someone they know and respect.  While a personal invitation is usually best, use social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, etc. to invite.  Hover over the video trailer below and select the airplane icon to share the new teaching series we will kick off at Easter.

3.   Serve (Romans 12:11)
Like many churches, we have additional services Easter weekend.  We need more hands on deck in every ministry at every campus (at Biltmore, with no Connect Groups Easter weekend, you can serve one hour and attend a service one hour J)

4.   Go and celebrate!
The tomb is empty!  He is risen, just as He Said!  (Matthew 28:6)  Celebrate His resurrection at a church where the name of Jesus is lifted high and His Word is proclaimed without apology.

Soli deo Gloria!  Happy Easter!


  1. thank you for the prayers for my brother. He was saved
    2 days before he died. Praise God.
    Please pray for my great nephew Cale . He needs protection.
    His case is still in court.
    We also have friends that are married & the husband
    Is dying. Please pray for them & their family.
    Please pray for my other set of neice’s . Their father loves
    Them but is brain damaged. He is immature & doesn’t
    Always act appropriately.
    Thank you.
    Diane Cope

    1. Diane, we praise God with you in the salvation of your brother! We will be joining you in praying for Cale and the other loved ones you mentioned.

  2. Dear Sirs…..I visited the Hendersonville campus on March 22nd the opening day….Loved the programs for the kids….they were so very happy to tell of what they learned and what a good time they had…..but I do have a question…..when I inquired about evening service I was told there was none….I even went to the website and found no Wednesday evening service…..is there a reason this church is only open on Sunday morning?? As a Christian believer I would like t o get together and worship God more often than that.

    1. Victoria, thanks so much for your message. There are many ways to plug in and numerous opportunities during the week as we fully ramp up the Hendersonville campus. I will have one of the pastoral staff at Hendersonville call you to explain further. Thanks for being there opening day!

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