I Love My Church

This fall makes nine years since the Frank family moved to WNC and I started pastoring @ Biltmore Church. Someone shared a picture of the “view of a call” day in 2008 (included in pics), and it got me reflecting on what a privilege it is to pastor this church and why I look forward to the next nine years. Here are seven things I love about Biltmore Church (not necessarily in order).

They love people that don’t know Christ
We have been privileged to see almost 5,000 people baptized in our time together. Behind every baptism is a story of God’s grace. It almost always includes God using a Christ-follower expressing God’s love in words and action. (Mark 12:31)

They love the Bible
Whether it be a sermon, Connect Group lesson, etc. – they “lean in” to learn. (Acts 17:11)

They love on their community
Whether it be through the regular LOVE LOUDS, addressing the WNC foster care crisis, supporting one of our 14 local partners, mentoring in the school system, etc. – it’s fun to see and fulfilling to participate in. (Acts 9:36-39; Jeremiah 29:4-9; Matthew 5:14-16)

They don’t worship at the altar of personal preference
Let’s be real, one of the reasons that thousands of churches close every year in our country is that many Christians will not let go of personal preferences, even though it’s not helping make disciples. Preferences are fine and we all have them. They are not okay when you love them more than you love the next generation. 🙂

They understand reaching the next generation is crucial to the Great Commission
The next generation is not the only generation (we have all generations but trend younger). But, if you don’t focus on reaching the next generation, fast forward and your church will be a bad statistic. That’s not hyperbole – that’s math.

We are growing in generosity
Whether it be sponsoring 2,500 children with @Compassion, building equipping center in Kenya, putting new shoes on lower-income schools in WNC, upfitting buildings to serve as campuses, etc. – we are learning we are blessed, so we can bless others. Proverbs 11:25
Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.

They are willing to be flexible
Many changes have occurred during our nine years together (surface stuff like dress, music, etc. – substantial stuff like one campus to five; more than doubled in size, on-campus Connect Groups to both on campus and home Connect Groups, etc.). Thanks for understanding we “marry the message but date the methods.”

Church, thanks for loving and praying for my family and me these nine years. I can’t wait for what God has in store for the days ahead.

Soli Deo Gloria

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