Introducing Three of My Heroes- My brothers

A hero is defined as a person who is admired for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. Three of the biggest heroes in my life are my brothers: Stephen, Hixon, and James. They all three came to faith in Christ before I did and were used of God to show me what an authentic Christ follower looked like.


(on my left in picture with blue collar) is the older brother. He came to Christ first and showed the way from there. He showed great leadership when our dad died unexpectantly, even though Stephen had just graduated high school. He is a successful businessman in Tulsa, great husband and father, and leader at his church. Stephen is like a Barnabas in my life. His discipline, devotion, and wisdom constantly encourage and challenge me.

Hixon (on my right in picture) is a younger brother. Hixon is the best husband and father I know. He loves Jesus and leads his family so well. He is the most relational and compassionate of the Frank men (granted, not a high bar:)). Hixon is a pastor in Austin, TX.

James (to my far left in picture) is Hixon’s twin brother, born 6 minutes after. James is a successful businessman in Texas as well as being in his 2nd term as a Texas State representative, representing three counties in North Texas. James is extremely focused, driven, competitive, and intelligent. He is also very generous and compassionate. James is a leader at his church in Wichita Falls.

I am blessed, challenged, and encouraged greatly by these three men!

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