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One Great Night!

Last Wednesday night Pastor James MacDonald and the Vertical Church Tour were at Biltmore Baptist. It was an awesome night! James is a great leader and preacher, and someone who I have learned much from. His passion and precision with the Word, along with the practical application, are characteristics to emulate. The concept of Vertical Church is “only God Himself can bring glory into a church, and when He does, communities get shaken and lives get changed, and the fame of Jesus Christ” is spread.

 Some of the many “nuggets” from that night:
• Vertical Church Band was wonderful. Favorite songs were Open Up the Heavens, Not for a Moment, All Glory. (Can’t wait to use All Glory next week at Biltmore!)
• God’s omnipresence does not guarantee His manifest presence at your church.
• “When is the last time God has taken you to the mat?”
• When did we decide that relevant need – meeting was superior to awesome God meeting? We have settled for the horizontal and become comfortable leading and attending churches that God does not.
• A true encounter with God makes me feel gladly small, perfectly puny, and happily so, in my assigned place and actual size.
• “Critical guy” (you had to be there to understand )
• Isaiah 64:1 (ESV)
Oh that you would rend the heavens and come down, that the mountains might quake at your presence—
• “Good speakers and great music are nothing unless God breathes into them.”
• In the elevation of Christ’s worthiness, our greatest joy is discovered.
• “Nothing brings the glory down in church as quickly and as powerfully as when God’s people unashamedly adore God’s great Son, Jesus Christ.”
• People in ministry get better or bitter.

(Note: Pastor James’ wife Kathy is recovering nicely from the ATV accident that happened while she was in North Carolina. Keep praying for her continued recovery.)

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