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Pumped About:

* Seeing over 400 children come to AWANA kickoff! The Word + children = an awesome combination! (It’s great having to paint additional AWANA circles!)
* Getting to personally watch some of my church members lead people to Christ at last week’s Starting Point
* Upcoming LOVE LOUD service projects around the city of Asheville
* Having HUGE amounts of first-time guests visit our worship services – many of those are hearing the Gospel for the first time
* A staff that all pull in the same direction and have each other’s back
* COLLIDE tonight in the student ministry – I love the fact that our student pastors have both a love for our students and a big burden for students not yet reached for Christ
* The lady who came up to me and said, “Thanks for not playing church and for being real.” (She came to faith in Christ about 15 minutes later!)
* I love it when I invite people to our church and they say several of our people have also been inviting them.
* Lyrics to “Stronger” by Hillsong
* Seeing a thousand new people in our church from the same time last year
* Our beautiful Fall weather

Perplexed About

* Why one church/pastor would criticize the methods of another church/pastor (unless he has abandoned Biblical doctrine) – Lord, help me to never be that insecure about Your call on my life.
* Why we think spending money we don’t have works for a country when it doesn’t work for a family
* How come at my age I still like LeCrae songs
* Why you can get hundreds of great emails and letters about what God is doing, and fret over the few scathing ones
* Where my golf game has gone!

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