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Random Sunday Reflections on a Wednesday

* Thankful for laity and staff who ‘get’ that it’s “not about us.” It’s about God’s glory and the harvest He wants to bring. (Luke 19:10)
* Pumped about all the first time guests we had on Sunday. I especially am jacked up about all the kids who heard about Christ’s love for the first time!
* Surprised we had over 400 people watch our first webcast on
* Not surprised I had to buy the whole staff breakfast because 5000+ people came Sunday.
* Encouraging emails never get old.
* Anonymous complaints do get old.
* Amused at the way we so often confuse our personal preferences with Biblical convictions.
* Hearing stories of how Jesus changed someone’s life never gets old.
* Excited about a huge Starting Point class tonight.
* Pumped up about the kick-off of the AWANA program tonight. Kids and the Word – that is GOOD!
* Love having a Worship Pastor who is authentic, great at his craft, humble and a team player (and good friend)!
* Rick Warren’s tweets are a constant encouragement.
* Publicity like commercials/mass mail-outs are more effective here than in big cities like Houston.
* Still excited about baptizing 87 people at the lake last week!

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    While looking at photos of my son, Jeffrey, taken at the recent Lake Baptism I noticed he was telling Pastor Bill a “story” just before he was submerged. When my husband asked Jeffrey about it, he replied, “I was telling him I was about to go Platinum.” This was in reference to the gold bead on his salvation bracelet which represents “Heaven and the glory he shares with Christ now and forever!” Rev. 21:3. Jeffrey explained that Platinum was more valuable than Gold, he was putting an even higher value on the words of Rev. 21:3 Hey, that’s OK, after all, this gift of Salvation IS priceless. :o)

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