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Reflections on Man Church & Father’s Day

* Man Church t-shirts were awesome! Everyone wanted one! We could have made a killing in sales (j/k)!
* Awesome to see so many men of all ages at the altar calling out to God.
* What some sons/daughters were feeling watching dad making commitment to follow God with passion and purity.
* Chinese proverb: “It is harder to lead a family than to rule a nation.”
* Job was an absolute stud! (Job 1:1) Wish I was half the dad he was.
* The Bookstore sold out of Point Man by Steve Farrar (I should get a % from him!)
* Love some of the insight of the book, Why Men Hate Going to Church by David Murrow.
* Deeply grateful for being the dad of two awesome teenagers who love the Lord.
* Father’s Day gifts are always cool but the personal notes are even better.


  1. I agree with Erica. I actually posted that quote on my FB page. Definitely something to think about! And Father’s Day was definitely moving, seeing so many fathers and men at the alter!

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