Reflections on Sunday

A great Sunday at Biltmore.  5 of the top things I liked about Sunday (not necessarily in order):

1.  The way our people reached out to their friends.  I met so many first time visitors in the Pastor Reception area after services.  I was meeting new people  till 12:45!  Awesome.  Way to reach out church! (FYI – over 5,400 people in attendance)

2.  The testimony by Edwin.  Authentic, transparent, humble, and God-honoring.  Click  A story of change – Edwin Robling to watch.

3.  The attentiveness of the people.  Talk about an easy church to preach the Word to.  Wow.

4.  The way the song “the same power” kept building and getting louder at the response time.  (Read Romans 8:9-11 for reference)

5.  The countless examples of our staff and lay people who pray hard and work hard to make sure Jesus is exalted and people are ministered to!

Have a great day!


  1. It was a great service! It even inspired my nine-year-old to bring his Bible downstairs this morning, where he and his dad spend a good deal of time reading and talking their way through a few chapters.

    Good stuff 🙂

  2. I was so excited to bring a new guest to the 9:15 service Sunday and even more excited that you met and spoke to her and even got down on bended knee to speak to her adorable six-year-old son!! He may have been more impressed with the cookies, juice and gift bag, but I’m more impressed with how personal you make the experience for first timers! I talked a good bit to my friend before Sunday and again on our way into service about how big Biltmore is and how I completely identify with fearing getting “lost in the crowd.” The fact that you go out of your way to meet first-time guests and provide such an intimate message to them one-on-one helps with that! Thank you for being a great, connected pastor and for genuinely caring and reaching out in Christ and His love! I grow more and more impressed with Biltmore every day, and I am happy to report that my friend and her family will be coming back and we’re even trying to join a Life U class together already, starting tomorrow!

    Go, Team Biltmore!

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