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Reflections on the Pastors’ Conference

It was a privilege and joy to lead the @SBCPastorsConf last week in Baltimore, MD. As I reflect on the two days and the last 12 months planning and praying, I am filled with gratitude to the Lord and for the people He used. Watch all the PC speakers and worship archived here. While I am still processing and have many more reflections than these, here are a few

SBC Pastors' Conference Attendees

• I am so grateful for the Christ-like attitudes and wonderful expertise of the 300+ @Biltmore volunteers and staff who were in Baltimore. It is indeed an honor to be their Pastor.

• God spoke through Francis Chan in an amazing way Monday evening. Francis’ emotional, prophetic voice was both needed and well received. Quote: “Are you content to hear from Moses instead of going up to the mountain to hear from God?” (The few critics of Francis’ “emotionalism” would probably have criticized Jeremiah too.  :))

@Matt_Redman is the most humble yet gifted worship leader I’ve ever seen. No “diva” in him at all! It was an absolute joy to work with him and his team.

• It was a huge joy to hear the people participate and sing so loud with the worship leader. I thought the roof was going to blast off! We had prayed hard that people would engage – prayers were answered.

• It was awesome to get familiar with Mission: Dignity and to be able to put 100% of the offerings toward it.

@RickWarren is such an encouragement to pastors. I love his transparency and so appreciate him sharing the hurt of the death of his son and how God can receive glory through suffering. (Quote: “The thorn room is the entrance to the throne room.”)

Francis Chan, Rick Warren, Bruce Frank, David Platt

• It was great to watch @Biltmore worship lead people so effectively. Great job @CBSiii, @CaptainKirksey, @ShaneSchauer, @SusannaKirksey, and many more. You blessed many people and glorified Christ.

• God used @JamesMacDonald as a clear and prophetic voice out of Isaiah 64:1 and Exodus 33. I deeply respect James and love his clear, biblical teaching. @VerticalChBand was also so great to work with and I love their Christ-honoring music. (Quote: “The church in America is choking on what they think is better than God.”)

Bruce & Lori Frank with James & Kathy MacDonald

@PlattDavid (Quote: “What’s it going to take for the concept of unreached peoples to become totally intolerable for us?”)

@Clayton_King (Quote: “Those who won’t work are lazy, but those who won’t rest are disobedient.”)

@HBCharlesJr (Quote: “What God demands – God provides.”)

@PastorEMase (Quote: “I’ve never seen Jesus heal anybody who didn’t admit they were sick.”)

• Our utmost gratitude to @JDGreear, @RonnieFloyd, @JohnnyMHunt, @AlexHimaya and Marquis Laughlin for sharing their gifts and time.

• I so appreciate @LoriFrank1 – her patience, insight and support were a behind-the-scenes yet invaluable blessing to the SBCPC.

I looked back at Day #1 of the 40 Days of Prayer and it reads: “Please pray for God’s glory to be revealed throughout the planning, the implementation and the Conference; and at the conclusion may it be said: Come and see what God has done: He is awesome in His deeds toward the children of man. Psalm 66:5” I pray that is what happened.


  1. David and I went to the Pastors Conference b/c he sings in the choir. I had never been to a conference and figured it to be like any other….speakers voicing their opinions and insights…thinking it would not pertain to me. What would I learn? I actually thought the words would not impact me. After all, I’m not a Pastor! Well, was I wrong. I was overwhelmed at what I learned from those Pastors but just as important, as a volunteer working the seating area, I met the most wonderful people. These people were excited, interested and filled with the Spirit. They sang their lungs out practically dancing in the aisles.

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