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Yesterday at Biltmore Church, we began our new teaching series “The Gospel According to Genesis.” We looked yesterday at Genesis 1:1-3 about the creation account. You can watch the whole message here. I mentioned that there are godly Bible believing Christ-followers who differ in their views of how exactly creation happened. What’s clear from the text is that in the beginning there was nothing, and what we now have was created by God. But many questions arise like: is the “day” 24 hours or representative of a longer time period? Could God have used evolution as part of his creative process? Some Christians believe God spoke the solar system into existence and others believe He spoke the big bang into existence.  What about dinosaurs?

Unfortunately, what often happens is that one side will stereotype the other side as liberal or a compromiser of the faith (not always true). The other side will say that the “literal” day people are unread, unscientific, and primitive. My strong encouragement is to do your own study of the text to reach your convictions about the How of creation and be charitable toward other believers who differ in How God did it. Remember, the writer of Genesis focuses not on How creation was done, but WHO did it.

Below are some resources for further study from a variety of Christian viewpoints. As I said yesterday, I would be a ‘historic creationist’ along the lines of Dr. John Sailhamer. After studying the text for a long time, it seems Genesis 1:1-2 are talking about an undetermined amount of time sometime before the seven days next covered begins. After you get past verses 1-2, we are seeing a literal 24 hours days as God prepares a section of land for Adam and Eve.



Genesis Unbound by John Sailhamer

Very good and thorough book if you want to dig into the opening sentences of the creation account.

Science, the Bible, and the Promised Land – blog post from

Reason for God by Tim Keller

This is a good apologetic book where chapter 6 could be helpful. Keller is awesome but throws a bigger net at God using evolution than I do. He does not deal with the theological problems that we dealt with in the message.

An apologetics ministry focusing on answers to questions about the Bible. Particularly about the book of Genesis.

BioLogos was led by Dr. Francis Collins. Dr. Collins is a Christ-follower as well as a brilliant scientist who has an evolutionary understanding of God’s creation.

Creation and Blessing by Allen Ross

This is a good, exegetical study of the book of Genesis.

That’s all for now.  This coming Sunday we will be looking at Genesis 3.

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