Staying Spiritually Fresh this Summer

I was talking with a good friend recently about how the summertime often seems to bring a “spiritual slump.” It often happens to mature believers who get off their normal routines that have led to the maturity in the first place (school out, vacations, camps, etc.). A few things that can help are:

  1. Be sure to stay in God’s Word consistently.

With schedules being sometimes different in the summer, make sure you’re not neglecting personal time in the Word. It helps to have a plan. Download the Luke summer reading plan. Discipline yourself to read @ least 15 minutes each day.


  1. Set some spiritual goals for the summer.

Some examples could be: memorize a portion of Scripture with someone, read at least one Christian book (recommended reading list includes: Gospel by J.D. Greear, Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman, Change My Attitude by James MacDonald, Reason for God by Tim Keller), invite a neighbor to church, etc.


  1. Participate in your church’s special events.

While you might be gone some Sundays, be sure to prioritize special events like Student Camp, Vacation Bible School, Community outreach days, etc.


  1. Stay connected to your small group through extra texting, etc.

Be sure to text prayers or praises to your community (Connect Group, etc.)

Hope this helps!

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