Sunday Reflections

Such a fulfilling and rewarding day at Biltmore today.  I am so blessed to pastor a great group of people who love God and love people.  Here are about 10 random thoughts on the day:

*Weekend started great with many, many BBC members reaching out to the community through Love Loud on Saturday.  They REACHED OUT by working at numerous area elementary schools helping them prepare for the upcoming year.

*Music was such a blessing as always – especially liked Bless Your Name and Before the throne of God

*”Behold Him there, the Risen Lamb, my perfect, spotless righteousness, the great unchangeable I Am, the King of glory and of grace!”

*”Commitment only works if it is preceded by surrender.”

* Awesome to see an altar full of dads praying for  for their families.

*Brought in extra chairs for the early service.

*So great to see 176 people baptized today (mostly adults).  So many stories of God’s grace.

*I get to serve with the best staff and volunteers in the world!  They love Jesus, each other, and people far from God.

*Have enjoyed preaching mini series “Enemy at the Gates

*Acknowledge your weakness, pick up your armor (Ephesians 6:10-13)

*Encouraging to get a Saturday night prayer email for me from a new friend, Pastor K. Marshall Williams.


Can’t wait to kick off the fall this Sunday!

Going to write a few “Vertical minutes” for the radio and go to bed.:-)


  1. Pastor today was an awesome day! Thanks for you heart to teach and lead us at BBC. I am somewhat new this year. Been coming for about 3 months but my daughter has been there for over a year with her mom and step dad. I love it there and the way you present the word. Thank you for your down to earth way and for making me feel so at home.
    John Kay (Gabby Kay’s dad)

  2. Amen Pastor Bruce, you hit it. It was not just wonderful it was awesome!!!!!!!! God is still in the business of saving souls, what a blessing to be a part of it. Great Dads prayer and two children baptized, hallelujah, praise GOD!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the reflection.

  3. Awesome is the word for yesterday. Thanks Pastor for preaching the Word and for loving God and loving us and those who need Him. I speak for many women who appreciate the challenge to the men to be Godly men and just again say, thanks.

  4. We look forward to getting back to Biltmore Baptist. Been out of town a lot this summer and out of church. Our best friends from Aiken, S.C. will be retiring here next year (they just bought their retirement home here) and are planning to visit with us when they are up again the weekend of August 26th. We also need to join a Connect group as well. My nephew, Mark Hensley is a deacon at Biltmore.

  5. We just down right love you… are a great leader because you are a follower first that is evident….A follower of Jesus Christ that is what you are….Thank you for allowing God to use you to bless us

  6. Pastor Bruce I have been hurt by the current church I attend but am not giving up on my walk with Jesus so I’m going to give BBC a try. I am looking forward to your new series this Sunday as I’ve enjoyed your teachings I ‘ge heard in the past. Thank you

    1. Jody, thanks for the comment and don’t give up on your walk. People will disappoint you but Jesus is perfectly consistent and wise. I look forward to meeting you Sunday.

  7. Bruce, you have been in my thoughts and prayers. I pray all is going well with your health, family and church family. I thought about you when I got to volunteer for the 2012 London Olympics as my venues were basketball arena (which I know you loved), the Velodrome and the BMX arena. I hope you are still enjoying sports. Take care and one day soon I hope to come and visit and hear you preach again.

  8. Bruce, so glad to be apart of such a great group. Came for the first time about 8 yrs. ago. Glad we were invited to East Campus last Feb. Talked to John Mark, which in turn sent me to Lucus, great guys, that called me back on Mon. and auditioned Wed. thru Lucus, and April, and Crystal who asked me to stay for Wed. practiice, been here except for some well deserved breaks after 7 years of trial and sickness from 4 major family members. Prayed non stop. Good is Great! See everyone in the morning. Tanya God Bless us Everyone. 🙂 PS My daughter you met at Ash. downtown love outloud, is in Remission from Hodgkins Lymphomia. Praise God.

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