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Teachable or Stubborn

Soon we will be starting a series of messages out of the book of Proverbs called My Messed Up Life (finding wisdom to fix what’s not working). The basic message in Proverbs is “Get wisdom – you will need it!”

Proverbs often teaches by way of contrasting the wise person/foolish person, the wise choice/foolish choice. While there are several different Hebrew words translated “fool” in Proverbs, the most common (49 times) is Keciyl. It describes a person who has a dull and closed mind but who is too thick-headed to realize it. They are completely convinced that they know what they are doing, and anyone who disagrees with them is just plain wrong.

Know anyone like that? Ever been like that yourself? Most all of us have been at some point. One of the absolute keys to wisdom and making wise choices is to be TEACHABLE. Proverbs 12:15 says “A fool’s way is right in his own eyes, but whoever listens to counsel is wise.”

Some people won’t ever listen. They can hear the same thing from different people for years and never learn (Proverbs 17:10). How do you know if you are teachable? Here are two clues:

1. You are teachable when you humbly receive honest, loving counsel. The classic symptom of an unteachable spirit is after listening to someone’s counsel, you say, “Fine, Now let me tell you something.” Or maybe, “Now wait, you don’t understand.” You don’t necessarily have to agree, but if counsel is given in the proper way you need to absorb it and learn as much as you can.
2. You are teachable when over time you hear something different for a change. If people have been telling you the same stuff for years, you are not teachable. You should be over that by now and on to the next lesson God has for you.

Say to the Lord, “Lord, show me – teach me.” Teachability means you’re open to changing what He reveals to you.

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