The “Mystery” of Marriage

We started a new teaching series this past weekend called iVow. The series is based out of Ephesians 5. In v. 31, Paul connects marriage back to Genesis 2 by quoting Genesis 2:24. The Bible clearly puts marriage between a man and a woman as the most vital relationship one person can have with another. However, in v. 32 he says it is a “mystery” and it is a picture of the gospel! One of God’s great purposes in marriage is to picture the relationship between Christ and the people He has redeemed.

One implication of this is that though marriage is important, it is not ultimate. A book I would recommend reading (whether single or married) is Tim Keller’s The Meaning of Marriage. Keller makes a great point about this when he says, “The picture of marriage given here is not of two needy people, unsure of their own value and purpose, finding their significance and meaning in one another’s arms. If you add two vacuums to each other, you only get a bigger and stronger vacuum, a giant sucking sound. Rather, Paul assumes that each spouse already has settled the big questions of life – why they were made by God and who they are in Christ.”

Join us in person or online the next few weeks for the series; it’s going to be fun!

Watch the video below to see an awesome movie collage video our guys put together that we showed last week.


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